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- Brain Bins for the entire school. These provide engaging activities for students to do before school or during free-choice time.
- Sketchbooks purchased for art department for new Kindergarten class
- Sensory Activities purchased SAIL classroom
- Recess and PE equipment purchased for entire school 

- Art 
sketchbooks for Kindergarten, First & Fifth Grade
- 2 Lego Tables for Kindergarten
- 2 Way Radios for entire School Building
- Bitmoji for the school 
- Recess Toys and Bins for All Grades (Fun for on the Asphalt and Turf during construction!)

2019 - 2020
Q-Balls for 4th and 5th grade
- (3) new xylophones for the music room 
- Sensorimotor tools
- 2 sets of Keva planks for Kindergarten
- Rockalingua subcription for Spanish 
- 4th grade charging stations
- 5th grade Scientific Illuminated Orbiter
- Kindergarten sketchbooks
- Math Explorers and Problem Solvers program Snap Stack Modules & Basic Robotics Modules 
- 5th Grade Life Drawing with Wing Masters
Sketchbooks for Kindergarten
- Stand-Up Desks for 3rd Grade
- Writing Workshops With Author Ralph Fletcher
- Roland Keyboard 
- Photo printers for 5th Grade
- Lanyards for Wonder Challenge 5th Grade

-African Drumming Program for 2nd Grade
-25 Ukulele's for 3rd Grade
-Garden Seeds
-Growth Mindset Book Collection 
-School wide Go Noodle Program

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