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Who is the MMPTO?

All Memorial School parents and guardians are MMPTO members.  

We welcome you to join us in helping make Memorial the best educational start for our children.


MMPTO Co-Presidents

Christina Cunningham

Tonya Colpitts


MMPTO Treasurer

Nora Cifric

MMPTO Enrichment Officers

Deena Bolen

Lisa Manganiello






Our PTO Meetings are a great way to get involved with Memorial and make a difference.


PTO meeting schedule to be announced.

Thank you to all the families who volunteer their time to the PTO !

Manchester is an amazing community of natural beauty with great school system. Part of what makes our school so amazing is an active PTO that works with the principal and teachers to give the students more programs and broader array of education that shapes their minds as they grow.

Researchers have been studying the effects parent attitudes and actions have on their children's academic success for more than 30 years. The results have been consistent. Anne Henderson and Nancy Berla summed it up in their book A New Generation of Evidence: The Family Is Critical to Student Achievement, which reviewed the existing research:

"When parents are involved in their children's education at home, they do better in school. And when parents are involved in school, children go farther in school and the schools they go to are better."

Come join us!



2021-2022 COMMITTEES




William Novak

  • oversee management of front lobby aquarium• manage budget and contract with Imagine An Ocean and fundraising efforts for aquarium


Christina Cunningham & Caroline Fedorowich

  • fundraise for beautification supplies through plant sale in spring

  • oversee and manage the following: fall and spring front entrance seasonal decorations




Garden Liaisons


  • work with Garden Teacher Leads on planting, care, and harvests of raised beds throughout school

  • help organize volunteers to help planting, growing, and harvesting

  • solicit donations from local farms, nurseries, etc. for supplies




  • Maintain announcements on MMPTO Facebook Page


School Directory

Christina Yukins

  • along with a team of volunteers and in collaboration with the Principal, collect contact information for all families participating in the directory

  • compile all accurate info into a published directory for sale to Memorial parents

  • manage production, sale and distribution of directory

Food & Community Drives  (November-December)


  • oversee the promotion of Memorial Open Door food drive in November

  • coordinate donation collections with 5th Grade teachers and Ambassadors 

  • coordinate donations delivery to Open Door

  • oversee the promotion of Memorial Giving Tree coat drive

MMES Staff & PTO Bulletin Boards


  • update Staff board with current photos

  • stay on top of MMPTO events , reach out to committee chairs and post new info on lobby bulletin board

Room Parent Coordinator

Tonya Colpitts

  • coordinate room parent placements and responsibilities; facilitate interactions with Staff and Administration

  • distribute information about PTO events and volunteer opportunities

Parent Education & Round Table Events


Specialist Liaison

Amy Lage

  • Works with the specialists  - art, music, PE, technology, library etc. to help with any needs they have


Staff Appreciation Lunches

Vicki Donnellan 

  • manage calendar, donations and volunteers for staff appreciation luncheons on a monthly basis


Helping Hands

Shelley Delaney

Newcomer Coffee


  • oversee new family activities, including Kindergarten Popsicle Party, Newcomers Breakfast, and new student playdates. Distribute helpful information about the school and community.

  • assist with helping hands program at beginning of school year (older students greet new students before school and walk them in



  • update MMPTO website once per week (20 mins) and sometimes more frequently for special events


Halloween / Fall Party and Auction


Annual Appeal Campaign   (Sept-Dec)

Sally Berkowitz

    -   work with Co-Presidents and Treasurer to obtain Budget info 

         and create Appeal flyer

    -   coordinate printing and distribute flyer to all students via


    -   coordinate phone-a-thon for donations

    -   work with Co-Presidents to create PR for Appeal including

         videos, slide shows, local news pieces, etc.

Book Fair

April Johnson

  • oversee the promotion, planning and execution of two book fairs each year, fall and spring

  • recruit volunteers to assist with planning and execution of both events

  • manage expenses and profits for both fairs


Box Tops      


  • coordinate with and MMPTO the promotion, planning and general management of this drive through the school year

  • submit school collections to Boxtops and verify receipt of checks from Boxtops twice each year


PTO Sponsorships


FUN RUN/Hit the Street for Little Feet Festival

Christina Cunningham

  • one of our biggest fundraisers and community events

  • oversee the promotion, planning, finances and execution of our blockbuster new community event including 1 mile fun run and 5k races - both held back to back in one event in May

  • recruit and manage event subcommittees and volunteers for this event


Merchandise Program - Hornets Spiritwear


  • coordinate a merchandise program for school spirit fundraisers

  • work with vendors and create artwork

  • marketing and sales of merchandise

Original Works    (September - December)

Anne Opal

  • Manage the promotion, planning and execution of Original Works art/craft fundraiser - working with rep.

  • recruit and manage volunteers for assembly, distribution of packets

  • collections of money and packets and delivery of finished products

Holiday and Spring Plant Sales


  • coordinate plant sales with local greenhouse at school to cooincide with the holidays and Mothers Day


1st Day School Supplies

Sarah Chamberlain



Crosby's & Henry's Market  Receipts [Tapes for Education]

No Longer Needed. Hope to bring back! 

  • manage the promotion, planning and collection of Crosby's receipts from Memorial families

  • responsible for submitting receipts to Register Tapes For Education and overseeing spending of points for supplies from their company website







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